Want list : 

Switzerland :


Rear temp. plates :

(US format with Z)

JU (Long format with and without Z)

OW (US format with Z)

SH (US format with Z)

UR (US format with and without Z)


Motorcycle plates :

Temp m/c white without Z : AG, AI, GL, GR

Temp m/c white with Z : AG, AI, AR, BS, GL, OW, SH

Temp m/c yellow without Z : AG, AI, AR, BL, BS, GL, NW, OW, SZ, VD, VS, ZG, ZH

Temp m/c yellow with Z : AG, AI, AR, BS, GE, GL, GR, NW, SG, SH, VD, VS, ZG


Special temp : SO long format


Permanent (rear only) : AR, AI, GL, NW, OW, SZ, UR

Dealer (except GE, VD and VS)

Special vehicle (except FR, GE and VS)

Road maintenance/fire brigade (except FR, GE, JU, SG and VS)


Other :


CD, CC, AT (other than GE)

Agricultural plates (2-lines green VD/NE) or older series (with cantonal shield)

Agricultural dealer

Special vehicle dealer

Road maintenance / fire brigade vehicle dealer

Small motorcycle dealer


Old series :

1900-1927 (white on black)

1927-1932 (black on white)

1932-1950 (with big shields) - except FR, SH, ZG

1932-1976 Dealer plates (with red script)

1977-2001 Rental plates (with V suffix)

1977-2001 motorcycle rental plates (V suffix)

Double-sided Front m/c (1932-1957) - except AR, FR, GE, VD, SH and ZH

1977-2001 Administration plates (with A prefix)

19321960 military plate

1960-1973 military plate


Europe :

Andorra : 1934-1958 series, 1989-1990 series, dealer, administration

Austria : second world war plates, black plates with shields Wien, Burgenland (1946-1947), Federal plate, trailer red plate, Burgenland (without Euroband).

Belgium : 1905-1912 series

Croatia : temporary

Faeroe Islands : old series

Germany : Wehrmacht (WL Luftwaffe), Polizei Wiesbaden

Greenland : old series

Hungary : 1939-1949 plate with shield

Iceland : ministerial plate

Italy : Trieste with crest, Aosta

Liechtenstein : temp m/c without Z (white, black and yellow),

old series with blue/red crest, short temp, agricultural, road maintenance, special vehicle

Monaco : Prince Museum, prince family (actual series), motorcycle, moped, old series temp, 1950-1953 series

Russia : all Russian republics with flag (Tatarstan, Armenia), official

San Marino : temp

Spain : 1975 cast iron diplomatic


Guernsey (British Channel): with left band and crest

Vatican : CV and SCV




Florida (the horse state), (horse country), Tampa Bay Lightning (NHL) new design

Maryland (HOG), (Capitals NHL)

Nevada (Thunderbirds)

New York (Buffalo Sabres - NHL) (Rochester Americans - NHL)

(River Rats AHL), Rangers (Stanley Cup)
North Carolina Horse Council

Ohio (blue Jackets NHL, old style)

Oklahoma (City Barons)

Pennsylvania (HOG)

Rhode Island (Boston Bruins Foundation

Texas (Dallas Stars NHL) - new design



Ontario (Senators NHL, old logo)


Middle East


Afghanistan, Ajman (UAE), Fujairah (UAE), Iran, Ras Al Khaimah



Japan (commercial truck), Tajikistan (new design), Turkmenistan (with flag).


Comores, St. Helena, Spanish Sahara



Christmas Island (yellow series), Marshall, Antarctica, Kerguelen, Wake


* trade pending